Doorstep March April Newsletter

From Lisa Cain

Thank you again to everyone who donated towards Doorstep’s SouperBowl Sunday collection of soup and crackers.  A total of 5,342 pounds of food was donated from our member congregations!!!!

Match Challenge Met, But Our Goal… Not Yet!

We feel very blessed that in roughly two weeks, with several larger donations, our Match Challenge of $20,000 for raising $40,000 was met!  What an honor that businesses, individuals, and organizations stepped up so quickly to help us meet that Challenge!  

While it is exciting that the Match Challenge has been met… we have not met our goal yet!  We still need donors to help get us to the finish line, by May 31st!  We still need another $25,000 to meet the projected cost to have our 60+ year old HVAC system updated. 

Please consider donating to our HVAC upgrade project. As we have said before, any funds we raise over what is needed for the purchase and installation of the new HVAC system, will be used towards additional rent and utility assistance for our neighbors in need. Rest assured, your donation will be used for the benefit of Doorstep, and the people we serve. 

Once the new system is installed, we can expect to see a 10% increase in efficiency on the electric, and a 20% increase in efficiency on the gas.  With prices going up, this is a great savings, and we will have updated equipment which will be under warranty!

From the staff, Executive Board, )who have been very involved in this process), board members and coordinators, I would like to convey how grateful we are for the continued support of our donors, and the Topeka community in general.  The work we do can be challenging, but the neighbors who come to our doorstep seeking help are also leading challenging lives.  Our ability to help them in a time of crisis with food, rent, prescriptions, clothing or household items, utilities, gas vouchers, dental vouchers and bus tickets comes from the support of our community.  Even if we are only able to provide them information on community services and programs which may help them be more self-sufficient; it is that time spent listening to them, letting them know someone cares about what they are going through, and wants to help that can make the difference.

Please send your donations to: Doorstep, Inc., 1119 SW 10th, Topeka, Ks 66604.  You can also visit our website:, and donate through PayPal.  Make sure to note the HVAC fund on any donation you send for this project.



Hygiene kits and Bread Needed

Doorstep is low on or out of the following items to put in our hygiene kits for clients:

Full-sized Shampoo + Conditioner (2 in 1)

Full-sized Shampoo

Full-sized Conditioner

Deodorant – Men’s/Women’s/Neutral


Winter additions:

Body/Hand Lotion

Lip Balm - Chapstick

We also have not been getting bread from Harvesters for some time now.

We need bread to put in our food orders.

We have put bread in the freezer when we did have it to pull out for orders.

But, we are asking for donations of loaves of bread – wheat or white.

We can take these donations Monday – Friday from 9am – 2pm, South Door.

1119 SW 10th (10th & Buchanan).   785-357-5341

Thank you,

Lisa Cain