Prince of Peace - Doorstep Update

Doorstep Newsletter Article – January 18, 2021

Hello All,

Hope everyone is staying well, and managing as we enter another year of Covid restrictions…

Doorstep is still having our SouperBowl Sunday collection of soup and crackers to help stock our food pantry.

As you know, a can of soup can be a meal, and a good SouperBowl collection can last us through the Spring months!

We can use all varieties of soup, including the Chunky, Progresso, etc.

See attached flyer for details.

Due to COVID we will not be having Operation Soup Line this year.

We were fortunate to get it in before the pandemic began last year.

But, could not figure out a way to have some version of the event and be safe that would be worth the work and time.

 Thank you,

Lisa Cain


NOTE:  If you wish to donate from Prince of Peace, please bring your soup cans and/or crackers to the church.  Leave them in the wooden box outside the church office.