Doorstep February 2022 Newsletter

From Lisa Cain

As we finish year-end paperwork, thank you’s, grant reports, etc. here at Doorstep, life has not stopped, and the phone calls keep coming for assistance!

In many ways 2021 felt like a repeat of 2020, in good ways though too.  Our member congregations, and the Topeka community, continued to step up and support Doorstep, and the services we offer.  We received more CARES funds to assist with rent assistance.  And, for the many other people who still had ‘life happen’ to them like non-COVID times, we did our best to help with all of those in need that we could. 

In 2021, Doorstep spent $342,434 on emergency services; this is over $91,000 more compared to 2020. It was a challenging year, and our small staff is incredibly grateful to our volunteers who kept coming in week after week to help us provide services, sort donations, and help clothing room clients. We also feel very blessed by the support we have received from the Topeka community during this time!

SouperBowl Sunday is February 13th and we are again asking our member congregations to collect soup and crackers to help stock our food pantry!  Watch for sales and gather your donations!  We can use all varieties of soup, and crackers.  A successful SouperBowl Sunday can stock our pantry with these items into the Spring months!

In June we had our 55th Anniversary Kick-off to raise funds for a new HVAC system at Doorstep.  The current system, original to the building, is over 60 years old.  At year end, we had donations of $50,000!  That is 1/3 of the amount needed… we have another $100,000 to go!  We are working on a match donation opportunity in February, and more information will be coming…

Unfortunately, with COVID still an issue, we will not have Operation Soup Line in 2022.

Finally, Thank You to everyone who donated money, blankets, games, puzzles and hygiene items for Doorstep’s Christmas Project this past December!  We assisted a total of 259 households with 822 individuals!  Hopefully, next year we can be back to ‘normal’ with the actual Christmas Store.

Doorstep Newsletter from Lisa Cain  2022

The year 2021 felt so busy that it just flew by… we have all continued to deal with COVID in some way in 2021, and it is still with us as we enter 2022!  Doorstep continued to be blessed with donations and extra grant funds to help more people with rent and utility assistance.  With our small staff of 4, which was only 3 for 6 months, we continue to rely heavily on our volunteers!  At times we barely kept up with intakes and services; we certainly couldn’t function without our loyal, dedicated volunteers!  They stock the food room shelves and fill the orders, take in donations of clothing and household items, sort them, run the dryers, help the clients and restock the clothing room!  We, again, have felt very blessed and supported by all of our donors, and the community as a whole, as we try to help those in our community in need the best we can when they call upon our doorstep.

We will start 2022 by continuing with phone intakes for services, and appointments for the clothing room.

At this writing we currently distributing gifts, food and gift cards to our adopted households for Christmas.  We adopted 260 households again this year from the Christmas Bureau with over 800 individuals.  Once again our member congregations and community members stepped up and donated the items we needed, and money for the gift cards and food.  We appreciate everyone who helped in whatever way they could to make Christmas nicer for those who were struggling during the holidays.

There will be no Operation Soup Line again this year. The Board decided not to have the event again until COVID was no longer a factor.  We are continuing to focus on our 55th Anniversary year, and our Anniversary Fund to replace our HVAC system. 

We will still proceed with SouperBowl Sunday, February 13th with the collection of soup and crackers to help stock our pantry!  Please collect these items to bring to your congregation, or to Doorstep.

We cannot stress enough how thankful and blessed we feel to be so supported during another difficult year as we continue to help our neighbors in need the best way possible.


Lisa Cain, Executive Director



Doorstep currently needs the following items for our neighbors in need seeking clothing:

Men’s Coats – ALL Sizes

Sneakers – Men’s & Women’s, ALL Sizes

Adult Sweatpants & Sweatshirts – Men’s & Women’s, ALL Sizes

Queen & King Comforters

Men’s Jeans – Waist sizes 32 & 34

Women’s Jeans – Sizes 16 & 18

Girls Jeans – Sizes 4 – 14

Boys Jeans – Sizes 4 – 8

Donations may be brought to Doorstep, 1119 SW 10th, South Door

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am – 2pm.

Doorstep will be Closed on Monday, January 17th for the Martin Luther King, Jr. day.