Prince of Peace - Doorstep Update

Doorstep Newsletter Article –July, 2021


Hello All,

Hope everyone is doing well! 

We are doing Christmas in July this year, but keeping our focus on a few areas only.

Since we gave out all of the blankets and health kits items last December we need to replenish those items.

Blankets – Full/Queen & King…. We need one for each household (260) 

If donating quilts, if you could please mark the size on them, we would greatly appreciate it!

We’ll gladly take the smaller throws, but they do not count towards the 260 total.  We give them out to larger families along with a blanket/quilt.

Health Kits – Bath & hand towels and washcloths.  Shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, combs, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste.

Toys – All ages…

All of these items should be available in the summer months.

We will focus on new, winter clothing for all ages in November/December.

We will not have the Summer Cash Bash this year as there are no matching funds available.

We will, however, be starting our year-long 55th Anniversary celebration to raise funds for a new HVAC system for the building, services and operating expenses.

I apologize for getting stuff out late to you… we are still short staffed, and clearly I am behind.

I am trying to start the monthly congregational inserts again, starting with the July member congregations.

Just please bear with me as I try to catch up, and if you need something specific for your congregation, please let me know.

Also, the 4th Annual Neighbor Helping Neighbor Walk/5K Fun Run will be Sunday, October 3rd at 2pm, Lake Shawnee.

Thank you,

Lisa Cain