Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse ministry at Prince of Peace helps to care for one another by attaining, maintaining and regaining the best possible whole person's wellness of body, mind and spirit.  The role of the Parish Nurse is a health counselor, referral source, and an advocate for an individual.  The Parish Nurse is a blend of professional nursing and spiritual caregiving.  The Parish Nurse visits members at the church and in their homes or care facilities.

Mary Hume was commissioned as the first Parish Nurse of Prince of Peace in July, 1999.




May - Screen Time Alert:  Protect Your Mental Health


Challenges for Adults 

Digital downturn: Adults have reported increased levels of depression, perceived stress and negative mood in connection with digital screen use. 

Slumber sabotage: Nighttime screen use disrupts sleep patterns. And poor sleep can make existing mental health conditions even worse. 

Relationship rifts: Screen time can encroach on time with loved ones, weakening real-life connections and increasing feelings of loneliness.


Challenges for Children

 • Development delays: Overuse of electronics can have harmful effects on social-emotional growth. In young kids especially, research has shown that increased TV exposure can be associated with emotional reactivity and aggression. 

• Well-being obstacle: Excessive screen time raises children’s risk for conditions like depression and anxiety. It can also harm their psychological health in general.

 • Sleep effects: Like adults, too much screen time in the evening can affect kids’ sleep schedule, which in turn influences mood.

Creating a Healthier Digital Environment 

1 Turn off nonessential notifications. Don’t let dinging sounds decide your day. Instead, bask in the glory of getting more things accomplished with less stress and anxiety.

 2 Remove temptation. Put your devices in another room. Ban them at the dinner table. Don’t use your phone close to bedtime (too much blue light at night disrupts sleep). 

3 Set limits. Decide up front how much time you want to spend on your phone, TV, computer or tablet and set the timer app. 

4 Replace bad habits with good. Stop phubbing — snubbing friends and family by paying more attention to your phone than them. Spend quality, electronics-free time with them to keep bonds strong.