Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse ministry at Prince of Peace helps to care for one another by attaining, maintaining and regaining the best possible whole person's wellness of body, mind and spirit.  The role of the Parish Nurse is a health counselor, referral source, and an advocate for an individual.  The Parish Nurse is a blend of professional nursing and spiritual caregiving.  The Parish Nurse visits members at the church and in their homes or care facilities.

Mary Hume was commissioned as the first Parish Nurse of Prince of Peace in July, 1999.

Emotional Wellness emphasizes the awareness and acceptance of one’s mental heath.

One forgotten component of overall optimal health is our emotional health. Our feelings have important implications for how we view ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. This ability to maturely face and express these feelings can help us to meet life’s challenges without becoming overwhelmed or hopeless and without the need to dominate and force those around us, and expressing feelings can make for a healthier person.
It includes the ability to adjust to the various obstacles one may encounter in life, the development of autonomy, the ability to realistically assess one’s limitations and the maintenance of satisfying relationships.
Signs of emotional wellness:
The ability to talk about feelings and needs
The ability to say ‘no’ to those things that are not apart of your priority without feeling guilty
Being mostly happy and satisfied with the various aspects of your life and the relationships you develop
Having several people in your life that you care about and can call upon when in need
The ability to relax and to take care of your needs
Feeling good about who you are
 5 Tips for achieving emotional health:
Recognize the types and strength of the various feelings related to situations
Develop a realistic attitude about what you and those around you can achieve
Take care of your physical health – get appropriate sleep, exercise and nutrition
Be respectful of other’s ideas, opinions and talents
Keep a sense of humor and learn to play
By being realistic about others and ourselves, by being aware of and accepting of our feelings, and by maintaining satisfying relationships we will be one step closer to reaching our goal of optimal health because expressing your feelings can make you healthier.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help when we are in need. Psalm 46:1