What to Expect


Prince of Peace offers two service times.   Both services are similar.  The Saturday night service is less formal (leaders do not wear robes) and is generally about a 45 minute service.   Sunday is a bit more formal (leaders wear robes) and there is a children’s sermon and a specific room available for parents to go with their children and the service is live-streamed on the TV in that room.  

What to wear?

Our attire is eclectic.    Suits to blue jeans.  


We have communion at every Service.  If you are visiting and have questions on our communion practice, talk with the Pastor or with the Lay Assistant for information.


Music is blended, some hymns some more contemporary songs.  


We have a large parking lot with spaces reserved for the handicapped.  The main entrance to the worship service is the Southeast door.

Our members are friendly and welcoming.