Weekly Prayer Requests

Special Prayers

We pray as we resume our worship services, keeping us safe snd healthy.

David Charles pray for relief of pain, peace and comfort

Esther, sister of Lorraine Charles - comfort as she is on her journey homeward and for her husband, Don and Lorraine for peace through this difficult time. 

Blessings to Greg and Sonja Hoglund for the birth of a grandson. 

Joel, grandson of Jane and Kevin Grieves - Recovery from his recent surgery.  Continue to hold Kyle and Megan and given them peace and comfort.

Prayers for those affected by the Covid-19 in various ways 


Gail & Alan Alderson                   Leonard & Irene Cardwell       Sarah Hammel                           

Larry & Connie Pitman                Jeanie Cowan                            William Blocker

Marilyn Blocker                            Kristin Noble                              Donna Neu

Mark & Sondra Buchmeier         Amyrose & Preston Meier      Pam Miller

Margaret Carreno                         Kris Strathman                       


Rev. Jared as he works on his PhD in theology at St. Louis Seminary and for his wife Molly and their 3 children in Kenya.



Thank you for informing the parish nurse or the church office of your prayer requests or changes.

Allison Galvin, Steve, friend

Bob & Terri Good  Elaine, mother; friends: Alice, Tracey, Georgia & Christy 

Brad & Glenda Hammel  Brandi, daughter-in-law; Cheryl Charleston, sister 

Brian Fritz  Margie, mother 

Claudia Sokolwski  Naida, cousin

Dale Minde  Kris, nephew; Tara, friend 

Darren Shults  Dean, father 

Dave & Nikki Anderson  Alivia, friend of Aubree; Alison, friend of Aubree

Dawn McNeely  Nathaniel, grandson 

Debbie Freel  Kim, sister 

Donna Neu  Theo Hoffman, great nephew 

Eric & Vicki Smith  Jim & Jennifer, friends; Stephanie; Paula, friend

Earl & Linda Bosak  Marlene, sister;

Elaine Ward  Linda, daughter; Shawn, grandson 

Arlene Kauffman  Karen, Gery's sister; P.J., great -nephew; Elaine, sister-in-law

Glen & Ellen Berry  Cathy, daughter 

Greg & Sonja Hoglund  Lacy, daughter; Sandra, sister; Jim, cousin;    George, friend

Irene & Leonard Cardwell  Theresa, mother 

Jerry & Jayna Gaston  Joy, sister; Neil, brother-in-law; Pam, niece

Jim & Diana Frownfelter  Hayden & Paul, grandsons 

Jim & Sheryl Gilchrist  Barbara, Jim’s sister; friends: Cookie and Ben

Joelee Charles  Kyle Luscombe, son 

Kenton & Eileen Rohrberg  Shawn, nephew; Coreen, sister

Kerry Pancoast  Chuck, brother 

Kevin Grieves & family  Joel and Leo, grandsons 

Kris Strathman  Ashley, Breeley & Brittany, family 

Larry & Connie Pitman  Marvin, Marla & Kason, relatives 

Lauren Ewald Lauren, friend

Lorraine Charles  Esther, sister 

Margaret Carreno  Tyler & Nikki, family members 

Margaret Honigs  David and Bryan, grandsons 

Mark & Sondra Buchmeier  Ann, mother; Kathy & Arlen, and Beth Quinley, family; Marty, brother; William, nephew

Matt & Julia Werner  Penn Lampton, grandson

Melissa Middendorf  Baby Willow; Sandy Stroup, friend  

Pam Miller  Family members;   Herman, former father-in-law

Penny Hulse  Pam, sister

Rita Lawrence  Jeremy, nephew; Mike, friend 

Roger Dahlby  Kelcie, daughter

Ruth Slyter  Amber, granddaughter


Our Homebound Members

Russ Dougherty        
Donna Lehman                           
Kay Roher
Marge Grieves     
Melvin Middendorf                    Elaine Saffels
Margaret Honigs  
Jacqueline Ragan                        Burnalee Scheueman
Sharon Roher-Decker  
Barbara Huss                               Ron Spreer
Sharon Berver
Friends of the Church
Amy Jordison
Mark Stuewe
Inez, mother of Jim Frownfelter