Weekly Prayer Requests


We ask God’s blessings on our worship services in-person and on Facebook and YouTube. 

Pastor DeHope - recovering from Covid

Linda Bosak - recovering from Covid

Denise Meier - hospitalized with COVID

Mark Meier - recovering from COVID at home

Evy, a 3-year old, friend of Neva's - health concerns

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lawrence - calling a pastor


Mark Meier                                  Diane Collins                             Melinda Skrdlant                         

Gail & Alan Alderson                   Mark & Sondra Buchmeier       Pam Miller

Margaret Carreno                        David Charles                            Kris Kerr

Jayna Gaston                               Sarah Hammel.                        Ben Conwell                              

Donna Neu                                    Kristin Noble                             Larry & Connie Pitman     



Thank you for informing the parish nurse or the church office of your prayer requests or changes.

Bob & Terri Good  Elaine, mother; friends: Alice, Tracey, Georgia & Christy; Jim, brother  

Brad & Glenda Hammel  Brandi, daughter-in-law

Brian Fritz  Margie, mother; Candy & Randy, family 

Chuck Atherton Tony, friend

Dawn McNealy   Nathaniel, grandson; Jo, friend, Lily, granddaughter

Debbie Freel  Kim, sister 

Denise Meier Mary sister

Eric & Vicki Smith  Brad, Cousin

Earl & Linda Bosak  Marlene, sister;

Gary Charles Roberta, sister

Glen & Ellen Berry  Cathy, daughter

Greg & Sonja Hoglund  Sandra, sister

Irene Cardwell  Theresa, mother 

Jerry & Jayna Gaston  Joy, sister;  Pam, niece

Jim & Diana Frownfelter  Hayden & Paul, grandsons; Rose, friend

Jim & Sheryl Gilchrist  Barbara, Jim’s sister; Harold & Terry, friends 

Joelee Charles  Kyle, son 

Kevin Grieves & family  Joel and Leo, grandsons 

Kris Strathman  Ashley, Breeley & Brittany, family 

Margaret Carreno Niece, LaDonna 

Margaret Honigs  David and Bryan, grandsons 

Mark & Sondra Buchmeier  Kathy & Arlen, and Beth, family; Marty, brother; William, nephew; Harold, friend; Marion, brother of Mark; Daniel, friend

Mary Bender Bob, brother

Matt & Julia Werner  Penn Lampton, grandson

Pam Miller  Family members;   

Pastor DeHope - friends, Matt and Ron

Penny Hulse Family members

Roger Dahlby  Kelcie, daughter

Ruth Slyter  Amber, granddaughter

Terri & Dwain Worley - Deloris & Jerry, parents




Our Homebound Members

Jerry Gaston

Russ Dougherty        

Donna Lehman                           

Kay Roher   

Louise Haller     

Margaret Honigs                    

Sharon Roher-Decker  

Barbara Huss                               

Sharon Berver

Ron Spreer


Friends of the Church

Fiona Cook

Rev. Jared, Molly and family