Weekly Prayer Requests

We ask God’s blessings on our worship services in-person and on Facebook and YouTube.

Susan Anderson, healing of shoulder fracture

Nikki Anderson, successful recovery

Ruth Slyter, successful recovery

Pat Thomas, health concerns

Larry Pitman, health concerns

Janet Rediker, health concerns


We pray for our Members:

Ben Conwell                                Margaret Carreno                  Sarah Hammel

Gail & Alan Alderson                  Pam Miller                              Larry & Connie Pitman  

David Charles                              Kristin Noble                           Carolyn Southard                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Thank you for informing the parish nurse or the church office of your prayer requests or changes.

Ardith Woertz, friend, Andrew

Bob & Terri Good  Elaine, mother

Brad & Glenda Hammel - Brandi, daughter-in-law

Brenna Heder   Allie, teacher

Brian and Laurie Fritz  Margie, mother

Christie Bauerle  Melodee, cousin; family members

Dawn McNeely  Nathaniel, grandson; Jo, friend

Dave and Nikki Anderson  Deonte, friend; Dian Elizabeth, infant daughter of Carlos and Deysi

Donna Neu  David, son; Marvin, brother; sister

Earl & late Linda Bosak  Marlene, sister

Greg & Sonja Hoglund  Sandra, sister; Dave, brother

Irene Cardwell  Theresa, mother 

Jim & Diana Frownfelter  Hayden & Paul, grandsons

Jim & Sheryl Gilchrist  Harold and Lilly friends

Joelee Charles  Kyle, son 

Kevin Grieves & family  Joel and Leo, grandsons 

Kris Kerr  Ashley, Breeley & Brittany, family 

Mary Bender  Carrie, friend

Melissa Middendorf  Dave, brother

Pam Miller  Family members

Roger Dahlby  Kelcie, daughter




Our Homebound Members

Lucy Munk

Janet Rediker

Patricia Thomas

Donna Neu

Ruth Slyter

Jayna and Jerry Gaston

Russ Dougherty        

Donna Lehman                           

Kay Roher   

Louise Haller                       

Sharon Roher-Decker  

Barbara Huss                               

Sharon Berver

Ron Spreer

Mark & Sondra Buchmeier

Those who are Pregnant

Hannah (Fritz) Brummer

Donna Jonas

Emilie Metheny

Miriam Hunsaker

Alicia DeHope

Friends of the Church

Rev. Jared, Molly and family

All Veterans