What We Believe

What We Believe, Teach and Confess

We see ourselves as a welcoming, caring, loving and growing community of faith. Of course, we don’t always live by these core values because we are a broken, sinful people. But when we are at our best, these define who we are.


We are a community that welcomes the stranger – the one who is broken and in spiritual need. Our worship practice is intended to be welcoming. We offer the sacrament of holy communion at every major service of the church. All baptized Christians who confess the real presence of Christ in the bread and wine as taught by the Lutheran Church are invited to join us in receiving this blessed sacrament for healing and peace. 


We are a caring community – we aspire to express our support for one another in ways that reveal God’s healing love. We have an active and vital Stephen Ministry program of one on one care, as well as many Christ Care Small Groups – small communities of caring and serving. We have a parish nurse, and our pastor is also a pastoral counselor.


We are a loving community – striving, though not always realizing, a love that reaches out to those who see themselves as not worthy of God’s love and mercy. And we love our children! We support one of the finest preschools in the Topeka community – a preschool that is accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Association.


Finally, we are a growing community – a community that values growing in Christ, and being shaped by the Word of God. In these and many other values, we seek to live out the faith to which we have been called, giving witness to the deep truth that our true citizenship is in heaven and we are God’s ambassadors to the world. We are all about the ministry of reconciliation - proclaiming and living the love of God in Christ.