Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
3625 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66614 

Sunday Services at 10:00 AM

Live Stream this Sunday from our Sanctuary at 10:00 a.m.

Look for the Zoom link to the services in your email.

If you would like to receive an invitation to join our church services, send an email to

Please note the same Zoom meeting will be used for both the Bible Class and Church each Sunday.

If you wish to read Pastor's sermons, you can find them in the Recent Sermons tab on this website.

Serving Communion

On Sundays, communion will be served at Prince of Peace using a drive-through process.  It will be served beginning at 1:00 pm.  

Also it will be served at the preschool entrance downstairs in the back of the church.  There will be markers on how to drive in and drive out.

Since the temperatures are getting higher, please try to arrive at 1:00 pm.

Reopening Prince of Peace

Go to the page Pastor's Messages to read our on-going plan to reopen our church.

Weekly Sunday School

Sunday school will be at 11:00 am

Look in your email for the link to Zoom to attend Sunday school.

Weekly Adult Bible Study

Sunday Morning  9:00 am
Look in your email for the link to Zoom to attend the Bible Study.


Special Prayers Today

Serving Communion

Ralph and Susan - for health concerns
Leonard - Praise the Lord for a successful surgery. 

Alison, friend of Aubree's, for health concerns

Stephanie - successful foot surgery on May 28th

Prayers for those affected by the Coronavirus

All those affected because of working with those who have been diagnosed, their job has caused changes, family and friends has caused changes, family and friends who are ill with the virus.  We especially lift them up:

Patty Bullock and family and friends peace and comfort at the death of Liz

Katie, granddaughter of John and Karen - she is a Physician's Assistant in one of the hospitals in Kansas City.

Shirley  and family at the death of her sister, Teresa

Quinn, an RN -  roommate is Stephanie, granddaughter of Jayna and Jerry

Rose,  friend of Chuck 

Ben & Mel, friends of Mary 

Sarah, daughter of Bob and Joanna, a nurse at a local hospital

We invite you to pray daily for those listed.

Gail & Alan                Sarah                       John & Karen 

Ralph & Susan          Colton                      Larry & Connie

Marilyn                       Kristin                      Donna 

Mark & Sondra        Amyrose & Preston  Jerry & Jayna 

Margaret                   Pam                            Kris Strathman



Since the church is closed to Stay at Home, please give on line.  Or if you prefer to mail in your giving, it would be best to send to Brad Hammel, CPA, 2800 SW Wanamaker Road, Suite 175, Topeka,KS. 66614.  Sending it to Brad's office will assure a secure receipt of your check.

Learn more about GivePlus Church here.