VBS 2024

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Preschool-6th grade

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Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (LCMS)
3625 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, Kansas. 66614
785 271 0808
Pastor Kevin DeHope

Join Us for Worship

4th Sunday of Pentecost

Saturday, June 1, 2024 

at 5:00 pm


Sunday, June 2, 2024 

at 10:00 am

Weekly Readings

First Reading

Ezekial 17:22-24

Second Reading

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

The Gospel Reading

Mark 4:26-34

Video Stream

at our Sunday, 10:00 am 

Worship Service

You can video stream on YouTube by searching for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Topeka on You Tube.  You can set this as a subscription on YouTube if you wish.


Or you can join Facebook Live to view our video stream. Go to the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Facebook Page.


You can watch it anytime after the service as well as it will be recorded.

Pastor DeHope's June 6th Message

Dear friends in Christ,

“You Choose.” That’s the title of Leah & Josh’s favorite books series right now. IF you could go anywhere, where would you go? And when you got tired and felt like a snooze, where would you sleep? You choose. Our family is closing in on a minivan this weekend if all goes according to plan. What make, model, year, trim, price, and color? Henry Ford’s quip “you can have any color as long as it’s black” isn’t sounding so bad right now. One less decision to make. 

Life is full of options and choices – everything from what to wear in the morning to what to eat for dinner – have you seen all the choices on some of these restaurant menus? It all looks and sounds good. Which product do you purchase? They're all about the same; are any made in the USA? What career path will you take? Who will you date? Will they make a good mate? Should you leave now, or do you wait? Don't be early, but don't be late. What tasks on your list take priority, and what do you risk leaving for another day? What will you do in retirement? Can you even afford to do that? What do you do with the extra 30 minutes while you wait? There are so many large and small decisions we must make every day.  Some don't matter in the grand scheme of life, but others come with life-changing consequences - good and bad. It can often be hard to decide, even on small things.  "You choose" can seem like a burden more than a benefit. 

Thankfully God declares to us: you did not choose me, but I chose you -John 15:16.  Jesus lays down his life for us, He calls us friends. There is no need to worry about the wrong choice with Jesus. You are at peace with God through the cross of Christ. Your salvation is secure. There are no bad consequences to endure for a wrong or bad choice here on your part. God chose you; he saved you; he did the work and the choosing. He has given and declared His gifts to you and His love for you in Christ. You have His spirit to lead and guide you in the path of righteousness.

 This may not help you with dinner or retirement planning; but it certainly gives you peace and perspective in a chaotic world full of choices. Don't sweat the small stuff. Your Lord and Savior has conquered death and hell for you.  Have no fear little flock, the Father has chosen to give you the kingdom!  It's all going to be ok. God has chosen you.

Blessings on your week.

Pastor DeHope





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