Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse ministry at Prince of Peace helps to care for one another by attaining, maintaining and regaining the best possible whole person's wellness of body, mind and spirit.  The role of the Parish Nurse is a health counselor, referral source, and an advocate for an individual.  The Parish Nurse is a blend of professional nursing and spiritual caregiving.  The Parish Nurse visits members at the church and in their homes or care facilities.

Mary Hume was commissioned as the first Parish Nurse of Prince of Peace in July, 1999.

Are you eligible for the Covid Vaccine?

If you are 65 or over you are eligible to do a survey showing your interest in getting the Covid Vaccine.  This is Phase 2 per the governor's announcement last Thursday.

Click HERE to do a survey showing your interest?  

Once the vaccine is available to Phase 2, you will be contacted by the Shawnee County Health Department to schedule your first vaccine.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe, and Should You Get It?

Any vaccine the FDA approves has gone through a rigorous approval process that involves a whole team of experts, including physicians, pharmacologists, statisticians, and safety experts. 
The side effects seen in the vaccines so far are not serious and do not last long. They include symptoms such as muscle pain, fever, and headache, and they are short-lived. These symptoms are an indication that your body is building immunity
Experts agree that the risks of getting COVID-19 are greater than the risks of getting vaccinated. Those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 will tell you that it is no fun, far worse that the seasonal flu. 
What if I’ve already had COVID-19? Do I still need a vaccine? Because of the risks associated with COVID-19 — and because reinfection is possible — you may still need to get a vaccine. Though you do have some natural protection from coronavirus if you have had it before, experts do not know how long the protection last, some evidence indicate that natural immunity might not last very long.
God works though the scientist and many others to bring us miracles and help.