Call Committee Updates

January 6, 2021

As you may be aware, the membership of the Call Committee was approved by the Voter's Assembly at the Congregation meeting December 28, 2020.  In an effort to keep the congregation apprised of the status of this committee, the Call Committee members will be scripting updates for email and website distribution as well as letters to our shut-ins, on a regular basis.  The members of the committee, in alphabetical order are:  Nikki Anderson, Mary Bender,  Larry Freeze, Terri Good, Brad Hammel, Greg Hoglund (Co-Chair), Janis Kitchen (Co-Chair),Beth Lange, Eileen Lawless, Mark Meier, and David Sokolowski.  If you have any questions about the call process, you are encouraged to contact any of the committee members.  Rev. Dr. Mark Shulz from Trinity Lutheran Church in Mission, KS has been appointed by the LCMS District to work with POP on our call process.  Greg and Janis had an initial phone call with him and he will be meeting with the entire Call Committee via Zoom later this month.  
The first step in this process is having a current constitution.   Over the past many months, Pastor Mease and David Sokolowski worked with the District on updating our constitution. The most recent revision that we believe incorporates all the requested changes, is now at the District office.  Their Constitution Committee meets this month.  All approved constitutions will move forward to the (District's) February Board of Directors meeting for final approval.  
While waiting on the approval of our constitution, members of the Call Committee have been working on 2 other resource documents that will be needed as we move along this process.
Please keep the Call Committee members in your prayers as we go about the Lord's work.