Those Who Protect Us

Andrew & John Stiles, sons of Rev. Joe & Sheri Jones 

Cheynne Minde-Huls, daughter of Dale Minde

Kyle, nephew of Rita Lawrence

Donna Buono-Jonas and Andy Jonas, daughter & son-in-law 

     of Rev. Neil and Carolyn Buono

Fran Oleen, friend of the congregation

Gary Becker, father of Danaka Becker and son-in-law 

    of Calvert  & Mary Meier

Gary Schwinn, grandson-in-law of Karen & John Pickett

Jon Frederick, son-in-law of Rory & Janis Schaffer

Joel Gaston, son, Tom Palenske, son-in-law

    Garrett Mazachek, Christian Palenske and

    Andrew Beutler, grandsons of Jerry & Jayna Gaston

Jacob Masters, grandson-in-law of John & Karen Pickett

Jonathan Brooks, great nephew, Donna Neu

Jordan Carreno, niece of Margaret Carreno

Justin Meier, son of Calvert and Mary Meier

Karl Fruendt, friend of the church

Kenniston Carpenter, nephew of Greg & Sonja Hoglund

Kyle Grieves, son of Kevin and Jane Grieves

Mark and Nick Abney, great nephews, Donna Neu

Noah Williams, son of Noelle Meier, grandson of Mark and Denise Meier

Preston Meier, son of Mark and Denise Meier