Constitution Message from Pastor Mease


Dear Members of the Prince of Peace,

For the past several weeks Dave Sokolowski and I have been editing a boiler plate version of the Constitution and Bylaws taken from the Kansas District website.  With this email we are presenting it to you for your review.   Please submit all comments to  Here are some significant changes from the current (June 1988) constitution and bylaws:

  • The current constitution and bylaws are 36 pages long.  This new version is 6 pages.  Much of what has been eliminated will be covered in a Policy, Procedure and Job Description manual.
  • The size of the Board of Directors is reduced.  The Board will consist of the four officers (president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer), the pastor (as a voting member of the board of directors) and 3 at large members (one of which will represent the Preschool).  We will determine in the PPJD manual how the representative of the Preschool is selected).  The PPJD can be easily amended by majority vote of the BOD.
  • The number of meetings is reduced to at least 4 for the board of directors
  • The number of Committees, Boards and Task Groups will be determined by the Ministry Staff in consultation with the board of directors.  Committees, Boards and Task Groups will be defined in the PPJD manual.  As an example – a Task Group could be in charge of a single task.  They would meet as needed.   Get it done.   Submit a written report and be done.  All Committees, Boards and Task Groups will submit written reports to the BOD – but their chairs will no longer be on the BOD
  • The pastor will have the right to vote on the Board of Directors but would not be required to vote.  I believe this empowers the pastor on the Board of Directors (example: a 3 to 4 vote on something that might split the church – the pastor could force a tie or could make the vote 3-5)
  • The executive board (officers plus pastor) will be the only required monthly meeting.  The voters will meet at least once per year.
  • Another major change is in the section 9.0 Division, 9.2 allows the property of the congregation to be dispersed by the voters and not be automatically given to the Kansas District.

This Constitution and Bylaw has few issues that might prevent it from being approved.   It will not be a document that will need frequent amendment.   The PPJD manual will become the living document that will shape and support the ministries of POP.   Most decisions would be made at the level of Boards and committees and will be defined in the PPJD.  The Board of Directors will become a body to receive reports, make major decisions and help keep POP on target to meet their ministry goals.  

We will take written comments.  

In addition to taking written comments we will conduct a Town Hall at the POP Sanctuary Wednesday July 8th at 6:30 PM.  This meeting will be on Zoom.  The invitation is attached. 

Rocky and David