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ChristCare Groups

ChristCare is about building small communities of Christian people who gather together in circles of care with Christ at the center. Members of ChristCare small groups care for each other, encourage one another in prayer and worship, grow spiritually together through the study of God’s Word, and share the good news of Jesus with others through missional service projects.

ChristCare is a great opportunity to get involved in Christian growth and in the work of the Church and surround yourself with caring Christian friends at the same time.

ChristCare Groups are safe, trusting communities where people can support, nurture, encourage & care for one another

Group members explore God’s Word together and find specific ways to live it out between group meetings

Group members grow in their ability to pray and worship God – both individually and as a group

Each ChristCare Group shares the blessings God has given them by reaching out to others with Christ’s care

If close caring friendships are important to you; if you want to grow stronger in your faith and life with Christ; if you want to find meaningful ways to serve God, then ChristCare may just be the answer.


Christ Care Groups at Prince of Peace include:

Carolyn Buono's group meets the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings of the month
Janis & Bill Kitchen's group meets monthly 

Christ Care is a small group congregational spiritual discipline of mutual conversation and consolation in which scripture is read, faith and life are shared, prayer is offered, care is given, and growth in Christ is experienced. 

The groups of 8 - 10 meet and decide the format of caring for each other. A good way to reach new members, those who need special attention, etc. 

If you are interested in forming a ChristCare group, contact Mary Hume at 785-271-0808 or at