Prince of Peace - Doorstep Update

Doorstep Newsletter Article – October 28, 2020

Hello All,

Doorstep is greatly in need of some food items that we are completely or nearly out of…

I have placed a food order to restock the pantry and basement, but with Covid things have been delayed.

If you can assist… please bring any of the following items to Doorstep, Mon – Fri, 9am – 2pm.

Peanut Butter

Spaghetti Sauce

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Miscellaneous Soups… Chunky, Progresso, etc.

Canned Fruit – Any Kind

Egg Noodles



Pork N Beans

Thank you,

Lisa Cain, Executive Director, Doorstep

From Mary Hume...

In addition Doorstep is needing coats especially for children and sheets (queen and king-sized) and blankets (Full, Queen and King).  There is a plastic tub in the front entryway of the church for a collection of donations for food, etc.

 More information from Doorstep regarding Christmas...

Many people have been asking me about the Christmas Store for this year.

Our little group met yesterday to iron out a few things and I have a flyer put together.

People who adopt from the Christmas Bureau are providing a Christmas food order/meal and a $15 Visa gift card per person in the household.

We know this does not compare to what they would receive in ‘normal’ times, but we also know there nothing ‘normal’ about this year.

Doorstep is adding a blanket and health kit to each household order along with the food and gift cards.

The list of things we need this year this year is short, but needed!

Money, blankets, towels and hygiene items.

The volunteer opportunities are not the same either.  We will not be open for other services during distribution again this year.

That will free up our regular volunteers who have been here working together to help with Christmas, if they choose.

There is a core group of us that have been around each other and working together for months now, and we are trying to not add many extras to this group to be as safe as possible.

We are asking for blankets, towels and hygiene items to be donated by Monday, December 7th to allow time to make the health kits.

Money can come in throughout November and December to help pay for the food, gift cards and any items we need to purchase.

(We need approximately $25,000 just to pay for the food and gift cards).

In years past where people would purchase clothing, toys, household items etc. and donate them, we are asking this year to just send money to cover our increased expenses.

Please share the flyer where and however you can to help spread the word.

Actual distribution will happen on December 15th – 17th.