Genesis 1:1 (GNB)
In the beginning, when God created the universe,
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High Scope Curriculum

POPPThe High/Scope Curriculum is a cognitively oriented curriculum designed for children from two to seven years of age. By appropriate practices for preschool children, we are acknowledging that children learn differently; develop at different rates; and learn best during child-initiated activities.

Learning through child-initiated activities creates a classroom atmosphere of wonderment, excitement and sharing between teacher and child. Our curriculum is based on key experiences using the child's senses and talents of observing, tasting, touching, climbing, building, painting, listening, and dreaming all wrapped up with lots of energy and endless curiosity.

Real life situations provide valid learning experiences for children of all ages. The number 20 becomes a real part of learning when you're a preschool child and you get to reach into a pumpkin to discover, "Wow! Seeds!! Let's count how many!"

An open-ended program like ours prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative problem solving abilities in future learning tasks.