Leviticus 6:22 (GNB)
For all time to come this offering is to be made by every descendant of Aaron who is serving as High Priest. It shall be completely burned as a sacrifice to the LORD.
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Blended or Contemporary Service?

Prince of Peace has both blended (or traditional) and contemporary worship services.

The blended service features traditional readings, hymns and prayers. The bread and wine are served individually at the Lord's Table.

Our contemporary service features music videos complete with lyrics from today's popular Christian artists. Also, communion in this service is by intinction, which means instead of receiving a communion wafer and a cup of wine, you will receive a wafer you then dip into a chalice of wine before consuming.  In addition to the prayer of the church, those attending this service are provided an opportunity to lift up a prayer concern or joy.

Pastor Buono often has different sermons for the blended and contemporary services.  You might consider attending both some Sunday morning to hear the difference.  Think of it as a spiritual booster shot for the week!