2 Chronicles 2:18 (GNB)
He assigned 70,000 of them to transport materials and 80,000 to cut stones in the mountains, and appointed 3,600 supervisors to make sure the work was done.
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Oetting familyJonathan, Sharon, Rachael, Joel and Anna Oetting

The Oettings, who moved to Guinea in 1997, work with the Malinke people, a deeply-rooted Muslim group.

They ask that you pray that He would create an openness among both the Liberians and the Kisi so that they might respond favorably to the Good News.

Heiney familyTimothy, Beth, Joel, Jonathan, Kathryn and Andrea Heiney

The Heineys began their ministry in Guinea in 1995 after previously serving as missionaries in Ghana since 1984. They ask you to pray for the people of Guinea - a predominantly Muslim country and one of the least-evangelized countries in West Africa.