Exodus 23:10 (GNB)
"For six years plant your land and gather in what it produces.
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About Us



Pastor:  Pastor Neil Buono has retired from Prince of Peace, giving his final sermon on July 1, 2018.  We are currently in the process of calling a new pastor.  Until the vacancy is filled, our worship services will be led by Pastor Joe Jones.

Interim Pastor:  Pastor Joe Jones

Deacons:  Bradley Hammel; Don Lumpe; Jerry Gaston
Lay Assistants: Beth Lange; Mary Hume

Parish Nurse:  Mary Hume

Parish Administrator:  Jayna Gaston

Preschool Director:  Patty Bullock (271-0913)

Bell Choir Director: Terri Good

Worship Coordinator & Lead Keyboardist: Donna Gradert

Send your feedback/comments about POP to: listening@princeofpeacetopeka.org


2018-2019 Board Members

President:  Jim Gilchrist
Vice-President:  Gabriel O'Shea
Secretary:   Diane Frownfelter
Treasurer: Glen Berry

Church Board of Children's Ministry: Laurie Fritz
Church Board of Christian Service: Sally Bosak
Church Board of Church Properties:  vacant
Church Board of Fellowship: Sonja Hoglund
Church Board of Outreach:  Bill Kitchen
Church Board of Preschool: Eileen Lawless
Church Board of Stewardship: Brian Toby
Church Board of Youth: Michael White
Church Board of Spiritual Life:  Harlan Teske / Dawn Conwell

Lay Leaders

Worship Volunteer Coordinators: Margaret Carreno; Linda BosakJayna Gaston
Altar Guild Coordinator: Sharon Bipes
ChristCare Equipper: Beth Lange
Doorstep Coordinator: Rita Lawrence & Ruth Slyter
Flower Coordinator: Karen Pickett
Lambs of God: Darren Shults
Seniors (OWLS): Don Lumpe
LWML President: Linda Bosak
Usher Coordinator:  Open
Banner Team:  Calvert & Mary Meier
Coffee Coordinator: Rita Lawrence